The third stage of the Twelve Principles is the core of our existence. This stage involves growing our vision into a life of service and meaning. The final three principles lay within this concept: trust, meaning and generativity.

Principle Ten centers on living a life of trust. Material embedded in this principle will move you from a feeling of desperation to the realization of ways to build or rebuild trust. Again, the domains of your life that will be the focal points are: sex, intimacy, work, money and lifestyle.

Thoughts to ponder: How do I live without outcome?

Principle Eleven is about finding the meaning and purpose in your life; your search for significance. This principle brings awareness to self and an understanding that the world is not just about you and challenges you to instead think, “what can I give back to the world?”

Thoughts to ponder: What is the purpose of my life?

Principle Twelve is the final principle and appropriately targeted at generativity. Flowing out of a life of integrity grows a legacy left behind that is meaningful and inspirational to future generations. This principle will act as your guide to envisioning your legacy and creating a path to see your vision into fruition.

Thoughts to ponder: How do I pass it on?