A Gentle Path


In recent years we have made unbelievable breakthroughs in neuroscience, radiology, genetics, and psychobiology which are giving us a clearer picture of how addiction hijacks the brain and how recovery helps to rewire and change the brain. Bill W., Dr. Bob and other founders of A.A. developed a recovery program intuitively without proving how the program works through science. What is exciting is now science is teaching us how recovery programs work and how the key steps known for years actually change the brain and allow us to heal and develop healthier lifestyles, relationships, and brains. Working a twelve step program literally rewires our brains toward recovery.

The Twelve Principles are vitally important in recovery because they help us focus ongoing energy and attention on healing. They provide a framework for living a sane and serene life which is built on universal psychological and spiritual principles which work for everyone, not just people in recovery.

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