How To Use This Site

In the book, Dr. Carnes states, “I have long felt that many people who have been in recovery for a year or more need a book that condenses and presents the essentials of long-term recovery in a practical, deliberate way. Such a book ought to provide a curriculum to help create more robust recoveries, fewer, and briefer relapses, and greater serenity. A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles is that book.”

This site takes the dream of that book and brings it to you in an online web based program which will utilize the wisdom and the book and expand it to a living, breathing, active program you can access anywhere. It is an exciting and wonderful adventure with the fundamental purpose to help you grow deeper in your personal life and recovery. It is a transforming journey.

The Twelve Principles are designed to move us from following the “rules” of the steps to a life full of freedom as we integrate the Principles into our very way of being. This is a paradigm shift: the rules, beliefs, and processes through which we perceive things go through a fundamental change.

Utilizing the website will help facilitate that change as it helps you move through a daily disciple, working, living, and breathing the Twelve Principles. You will find exercises, readings, journal assignments, and even suggestions of applicable movies to watch and see the journey in action.

It is designed to flow seamlessly as you work this program individually, or in a group format either in person or online. There will be a curriculum provided to help you with each step of the journey. The journey itself is designed to be a three year process, with deep focus on one Principle at a time for three months. There will be daily and weekly assignments and it will require focus and energy on your part but the reward will be well worth it.

Pat Conroy stated, “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” It is our hope that as you access and truly utilize all this site has to offer that you will travel an amazing journey of deep transformation within and between you and others which will be played out over and over in your life.