Where do I go to find The Twelve Principles Online Recovery Program?

A daily email will be sent to you providing a summary of the curriculum for the day and the links to find the work. The actual Twelve Principles Online Recovery Program is found on the website (www.thetwelveprinciples.com). In the website, you will click on a tab called “Curriculum”. From there you will be required to set up a user login and password. All of your daily materials can be found here. Additional links will move you into podcasts, websites, articles, graphics, etc.

These materials were created to provide a comprehensive, broad guide for recovery—to help you maintain consistency in your Twelve Step program, learn how to dialogue with yourself about past and present events, and become aware of how the five focused domains of life (work, money, intimacy, sex, and lifestyle) are intertwined and an integral part of your healing. Utilizing the website will help facilitate a personal change or paradigm shift as we explore the rules, beliefs, and processes through which we perceive things. This process also helps move you through a daily commitment and focus toward working, living, and breathing the Twelve Principles. In addition, each day is designed to flow seamlessly as you work this program individually, or in a group format either in person or online.

Pat Conroy stated, “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” It is our hope that as you access and truly utilize all this site has to offer that you will travel an amazing journey of deep transformation within and between you and others which will be played out over and over in your life.