What is required of me?

Just as in the Twelve Step program, the Twelve Principle program requires a daily commitment to change. As you progress through this program, you will be offered an opportunity to learn more about a specific Principle by reading books, articles, short stories, and poetry; some materials are delivered per quarter and some will be delivered per daily emails. Each day, you will receive morning and evening meditation readings, along with exercises and activities designed to help change the neuropathways in your brain. This is done through writing, journaling, drawing, or listening. Some of the exercises will include graphics that you can download and print. Another way to promote a neurological change in our brain is by working through activities that use our five senses—sight, touch, hear, taste, and smell. To delve deeper in the sciences, you will be directed to websites, podcasts, articles, and addiction readings that provide details on how recovery work helps the brain to heal.