What can I expect?

Each Principle will be discussed over ninety days, or twelve weeks, and on each of those ninety days an email will be sent to you with readings and instructions for the work that particular day. The twelve weeks will be systematically divided as follows:

Week 1: Introduction to the Principle of that quarter
Weeks 2–3: Focus on the domain of Sex
Weeks 4–5: Focus on the domain of Money
Weeks 6–7: Focus on the domain of Work
Weeks 8–9: Focus on the domain of Intimacy
Weeks 10–11: Focus on the domain of Lifestyle
Week 12: Summarization of the current quarter and introduction to the next

At the beginning of each week, you will be given an overview of the week ahead, along with goals for the week.
You will be provided a list of books for recommended and suggested reading.