What are the Twelve Principles?

For each of the Twelve Steps, Dr. Carnes has applied a Principle in which to live the values behind The Steps. In addition, he divided the list of Twelve Principles into three categories: Awareness, Action and Core. Here is a chart to act as a guide through understanding model used in developing the Twelve Principles.

Twelve Principles and Related Focus Questions

Principle Focus Question
Principle One Acceptance What are my limits?
Principle Two Awareness How do I know what is real?
Principle Three Spirituality Am I loveable to God and others?
Principle Four Responsibility Who am I?
Principle Five Openness How do I trust?
Principle Six Honesty What must improve?
Principle Seven Courage What risks must I take?
Principle Eight Commitment How am I responsible?
Principle Nine Responsiveness What is integrity?
Principle Ten Trust How do I live without outcome?
Principle Eleven Meaning What is the purpose of my life?
Principle Twelve Generativity How do I pass it on?

For a more in depth description to each category and principle, go to https://thetwelveprinciples.com/principles-of-the-principles.