Does it cost to join The Twelve Principles’ Online Recovery Program?

There are no financial obligations to join the Twelve Principles’ Online Recovery Program. The only cost to you will be time…time to read, to meditate, to write, to reflect and to work through exercises and activities.

However, in addition to Dr. Carnes’ vision that this website process be built for intense study of recovery and the principles, he also hoped that it would be used to raise funds for AFAR (although the site is to be free but those who wish to donate can). Plus there would be a dedicated community of recovering people who wish to help make things better for everyone. The more people understand how it works and get involved, the more we can help public policy, science, and the culture impact the enormous addiction problems we face. The other goal is to collect the best writing on issues related to the Principles and organize it in a systematic way. That way you do not have to wait ten years to read something in your recovery that would have really been useful to find in your second year. Creating this curriculum is an ambitious challenge. Out of it has come this Twelve Principles Program.

In summary, Dr. Carnes’ goals for The Twelve Principles Online Recovery Program are:

  1. Expand your knowledge of the Twelve Steps and the Spirit of Recovery
  2. Create a platform that houses materials which can be used to enhance your personal recovery program by living the values of the Twelve Steps.
  3. To provide an opportunity to support AFAR (American Foundation for Addiction Research). All of the work for building the Twelve Principles Program, its related website and emails plus the staff to keep it running comes from the generous donations to AFAR. If you find that you are able to give back through financial support to the program, please go to

NOTE: In the beginning, please consider a small donation of $30 per month for the Twelve Principles Online Recovery Program: only $1.00 per day. This one dollar will support the cost involved with the maintenance and implementation of the daily curriculum delivered to your personal and approved email account. In addition, throughout the Twelve Principles program some materials will have a reference of making a “small suggested donation”.

The Twelve Principles Online Recovery Program is FREE, You are under no obligations to donate; this is for a suggested (and very much appreciated) donation.